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Rebirth Kingdom Institute (RKI) exists to teach and equip children to fully comprehend their identity in God, to effectively educate the whole child (spiritually, mentally, academically, and socially), and to provide an environment conducive to the full development of their gifts for the overall edification of the Kingdom of God.

What we offer

Who Am I (Identity Intervention) 
Exploration of Gifts and Talents  
Personalized Reading Intervention Plan 
Personalized Math Intervention Plan 
Financial Literacy  
College Planning Assistance 
ACT Testing Prep 


What we offer
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Who Am I (Identity Intervention) 

Numerous studies have shown that changing life events can trigger identity crises for individuals. For a person who is uncertain or unstable in their identity, this can have devastating repercussions.

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Personalized track 

Each student will receive a personalized educational plan designed to fill any educational gaps in reading or math literacy, keep pace with current class demands, and/or provide challenging or accelerated resources to help achieve their individual goals.

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Financial Literacy

21% of adults living in Duval are performing below or at the lowest literacy levels measured by PIACC.  Jacksonville, FL is ranked among the least literate cities in the US.

Planning for Tomorow

Future goals  

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