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Rebirth Kingdom Institute (RKI) exists to teach and equip children to fully comprehend their identity in God, to effectively educate the whole child (spiritually, mentally, academically, and socially), and to provide an environment conducive to the full development of their gifts for the overall edification of the Kingdom of God.

What we offer

Who Am I (Identity Intervention) 
Exploration of Gifts and Talents  
Personalized Reading Intervention Plan 
Personalized Math Intervention Plan 
College Planning Assistance 
ACT Testing Prep 


What we offer

Who Am I (Identity Intervention) 

It is extremely important that teens have a complete understanding of their identity to optimally function at their best and become who they were created be. ADA defines and teaches identity from a biblical perspective.

Using various curriculum, we tackle the question of “Who am I?” by showing students that they were created to serve God and His will.

They’ll learn that their identity is much more than their grades, their relationships, their looks, or their athletic skills. They’ll understand that the only One who truly knows them and defines them is the One who created them. Our curriculum will give them answers about who they are and where they’re going, leading them to uncover their true Christ-shaped identity.

Personalized Track 

ach student will receive a personalized educational plan designed to fill educational gaps in reading or math literacy, keep pace with current class demands, and/or provide challenging or accelerated resources to help achieve their individual goals.

After dissecting our student’s goals and gathering baseline assessment data, we will implement a plan and assess their progress along the plan continuum on a quarterly basis, or more frequently if needed.

Planning for Tomorow

Future goals  

As a supplemental help to families who are intended to be the primary teachers in a child’s journey, our educational model mirrors the mandates of God. It is formulated by the Word of God and encourages our students to bravely live out their faith. Christian schools that live by the truth of God will help to create future disciples of this world who are not only hearers but doers of the Word. They are not crippled by fear but walk in love. They are not subjected to this world’s standards but depends on the standards of God. This will in turn impact change in the Kingdom because they are prepared stewards of Christ.

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Founder – Visionary


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Founder – Visionary

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