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Every parent\guardian for ALL program must complete the registration process online via New Student Enrollment or by scheduling a Consultation and Registration Appointment.
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Why Partner with us

Rebirth Kingdom Institute has a unique, God-inspired focus on delivering information, incorporating practice, and encouraging all members of our community to effectively carry out their ‘member’ function since we all make up the larger body of the Church. Once we know, recognize, and are walking out our calling, we would have followed our personal journey to fulfillment in Christ.

Our school’s identity involves identity intervention, a personalized discipleship track, the incorporation of a blended, project-based learning environment, and student-centered ministries. This four-legged approach will allow our students to follow an intentional plan to maturity in God.

Identity Intervention
Personalized Discipleship Track
Blended, Project-Based Learning Formats
Student-Centered Ministries
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