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About Us

About this Institute

Rebirth Kingdom Institute is premised on an education that is Christ-centered for all students because we were commissioned by God to “go out… and teach others to obey all that God commanded” (Matthew 28: 20). Our philosophy elaborates that a Christ-centered education is influenced by the Word of God and places Christ as the head of the organization. As such, all endeavors are stemmed from Christian beliefs and principles. It is in this foundation that we seek to help children understand who they are in Christ and build an intimate relationship with God. Our current and upcoming generations through the help and intervention of RKI will understand that they were created in the image of God, seek to further seek out the depths and width of God’s loves them and humankind, and is subsequently calling them personally to carry out a mandate in this world.



Thoroughly equip all students to realize, pursue, and achieve their full potential despite all challenges by providing an optimal environment nourished with the Word of God, effective teaching practices, a growth-oriented environment, and an arena where love is fully manifested. Subsequently, we will help to create outstanding and confident individuals who wholly understand their identity and purpose in life and are actively contributing to the betterment of the human race. 

Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.

Martin Luther King Jr

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Why Partner with us

Rebirth Kingdom Institute has a unique, God-inspired focus on delivering information, incorporating practice, and encouraging all members of our community to effectively carry out their ‘member’ function since we all make up the larger body of the Church. Once we know, recognize, and are walking out our calling, we would have followed our personal journey to fulfillment in Christ.

Our school’s identity involves identity intervention, a personalized discipleship track, the incorporation of a blended, project-based learning environment, and student-centered ministries. This four-legged approach will allow our students to follow an intentional plan to maturity in God.

Identity Intervention
Personalized Discipleship Track
Blended, Project-Based Learning Formats
Student-Centered Ministries
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