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Personalized Intervention track 

ADA’s mission is to help bridge identity, reading, math, college admission, and financial literacy gaps among our Jacksonville, Florida youths.  

ADA’s Objectives
  • We will specialize in helping students and will serve approximately 20 students at our West Branch library location in Jacksonville, FL.
  • Our students will demonstrate beyond average growth on quarterly assessments for both reading and math.  
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Who Am I (Identity Intervention) 

Numerous studies have shown that changing life events can trigger identity crises for individuals. For a person who is uncertain or unstable in their identity, this can have devastating repercussions. Each person was created as a masterpiece by God to portray His image, display His characteristics, and live a fully surrendered life seasoned with purpose and directives from Holy Spirit. We provide a comprehensive and practical avenue for students to safely come to the knowledge of their true identity in God which serves as a deeply rooted foundation for life beyond RKI.  

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Personalized Track 

Each student will receive a personalized educational plan designed to fill any educational gaps in reading or math literacy, keep pace with current class demands, and/or provide challenging or accelerated resources to help achieve their individual goals. After dissecting our student’s goals and gathering baseline assessment data, we will implement a plan and assess their progress along the plan continuum on a quarterly basis, or more frequently if needed.   

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Financial Literacy

21% of adults living in Duval are performing below or at the lowest literacy levels measured by PIACC.  Jacksonville, FL is ranked among the least literate cities in the US. Looking at the statistics, approximately 80% of families are living paycheck to paycheck. Providing an engaging, practical financial literacy course for students will better prepare them to handle financial hurdles and navigate their finances successfully. This, we believe, will contribute to a better future for Jacksonville, Florida residents.  

1 on 1 Tutoring

Personalized Intervention track 

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Test Prep

Future Planning

  • Act Testing Prep 
  • College Planning Assistance 
  • Job Placement Assistance 
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